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Welcome to Freaky Geese's production of 'Dead Outdoorsy' written by and starring Molly Barton.

"At Freaky Geese, we're immensely proud to be able to facilitate some of our nearest and dearest to create their own work and get it seen by lovely audiences. That was one of  our goals when we originated back in 2020; to give our friends a platform to showcase their brilliant talent and assist them in pushing their careers forward.

'Dead Outdoorsy' is certainly no exception to this. We're both grateful and proud of the hard work that Molly and Cara have put into this show. A big thank you to all the other talented individuals who have helped along the way too, making this the brilliant show you're about to see. 

So with that being said; sit back, laugh loudly and cheer passionately as we all get ready to #justplayeh

- Rhys Ashcroft and Dan Le Friec, Joint Artistic Directors of Freaky Geese Productions


A Note from Molly - 


"Polly first came to life about three years ago, back in Lancashire. I was wistfully gazing out of the window during lockdown (I'm sure we all were), thinking about shagging (I'm sure we all were) when she popped up out of nowhere, brandishing a placard. She was invented as a bit of light comic relief to distract from the truth of what the planet was going through, but her profundity became undeniable!


Getting to the heart of what she's about has been a beautiful journey for me. I really hope you all like her as much as I do. Big love to eco-slags everywhere, and a particularly huge shout out to my mum for being such an environmentally-friendly-sex-icon. Pamela Anderson once said 'activism is sexy' and my goodness! I reckon she was right!"




Polly - Molly Barton





Director - Cara Vaitilingam












Writer - Molly Barton

Sound and Lighting Designer - Ben Winter

Sound Recordist - Jamie Maier

Poster Designer - Virginia Sutton

Videographer - Matthew Austin

Producers - Rhys Ashcroft & Dan Le Friec

Additional Voiceovers by;

Oliver Barton

Gregor Copeland

Virginia Sutton

Jamie Maier 

Cara Vaitilingam 

Special Thanks to;

Audrey Thayer and the Drayton Arms Theatre Team

Kate Watts

Juliette Gorb

Sofia Caraballo

molly headshot_edited.jpg
Cara Headshot.jpg

Molly trained in musical theatre, before working mainly in comedy fringe. Last year, she appeared in Whodunnit [Unrehearsed] 2 at Park Theatre, and Love's Victory at Penshurst Place. She has recently finished filming the first series of Famous Old Grouts with Freaky Geese. Molly is also a choreographer, and has worked on music videos for Bright World and Tungz, as well as returning to LSC to choreograph two shows for their current students.

Molly's writing has been performed at The Cockpit, Canal Cafe Theatre, The Lion and Unicorn, Golden Goose Theatre, Canada Water Theatre, The Old Royal Naval College, and other venues. This is the first time a full-length play of hers has been performed.

Cara Vaitilingam (she/her) is a director, writer and performer from Bristol with Sri Lankan-Italian-American roots. She started directing theatre at University College London, where she collaborated with Sir Tim Rice and team on the UK premiere of an updated From Here to Eternity at the Bloomsbury Theatre.


Since founding performance initiative Curtain Up In Crisis in 2020, Cara has worked with companies such as Khameleon Productions and Insane Root Theatre, and most recently co-directed A Pigment of Your Imagination at the Pleasance Theatre. 

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