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Past, Present and Future 

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Click here for Dead Outdoorsy production shots:


April 2023 saw Freaky Geese produce Molly Barton's brilliant one woman play 'Dead Outdoorsy'. Directed by Cara Vaitilingam, this played to a sell out audience at the Drayton Arms Theatre in South Kensington, London to great acclaim.

"When Polly from Preston realises the world needs saving, she knows she's destined for a heroic attempt at doing just that. SO she bags herself a job at a garden centre. As she begins the slippery ascent into the world to the world of environmental activism, Polly is quick to realise that opportunities are hard to come by for someone like her.  Despite battling with a broken heart and sexual frustration of a cataclysmic sale, it seems nothing will stop her from finally being taken seriously. Well, nothing except the opportunity for an al fresco finger-bang. She can't help it. She's just Dead Outdoorsy.


***** from London Fringe Theatre Reviews - "Sexy, hilarious and imaginative. Whoever said you can't care for the environment AND be sexy, cool and fun at the same time has clearly never met Polly from Preston! The play was hilarious throughout, filled with quips, banter and tangy one liners. A truly wonderful entertaining play, without the climate preaching!"

**** from Louise Penn (@loureviewsblog) - "Refreshingly northern, sharply millennial and definitely engaging. Very frank about sex and often hilarious - Barton is a fine physical performer and a good wordsmith. She is a fascinating new voice."


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Click here for Famous Old Grouts stills:

'Famous Old Grouts' is a comedy web series written by Freaky Geese creators Rhys Ashcroft and Dan Le Friec working alongside their friend and collaborator Charlie Diver. 

"This series follows a 5 aside football team who are down on their luck following the loss of their star player. Set in the fictional town of Grouting, follow the group as they deal with colourful locals, pub quizzes and the questionable town lore."


Can't Hack It poster.PNG


Freaky Geese debuted their hilarious satirical comedy 'Can't Hack It' in Guernsey in November 2022 which then led to an Off-West End transfer at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre a month later. 

"Can't Hack It is a brand new comedy that follows three young journalists working for a small clickbait news website as they try and navigate a way to bat with the big boys'.


**** from London Fringe Theatre Reviews - "Great performance from the three actors. Fun, banterous and witty, with a unique twist at the end. It will keep you entertained and intrigued right until the very end."

Click here for Can't Hack It Production shots:


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In March 2022, Freaky Geese commissioned Sebastian Kainth to write and star in his two man comedy, 'Reel Talk' at the Canal Cafe Theatre.

'Reel Talk' is a comedy about two best friends - both at a crossroads in their life - who decide to go on a fishing trip. Although they went to university together, the pair (now in their late 20's) couldn't be more different from one another. Andy (Seb Kainth) is a painter, who essentially spends most of his day in bed living off his parent's money and Matt (Daniel Bradshaw) is from a less privileged background, but has worked his way up at a lifeless corporate job which he despises. 


**** from Theatre and Other Things - "This is a real feel good play. Kainth's writing is a very down to earth style comedy, and the chemistry shared between both actors, especially in ad-libbed moments, is palpable. Finding out this is Kainth's writing debut made this two hander even more impressive. We thoroughly enjoyed this show."

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Click here for Holier Than Thou Production shots:


June 2021 saw Freaky Geese develop Holier Than Thou into an hour long play from it's debut production in Island Lives. This one night only performance in Guernsey was a build up to a London transfer which took place in November 2021 at the Canal Cafe Theatre.

'Holier Than Thou' is a comedic monologue about a vicar struggling with his faith and addiction. The story follows Reverend Keith Lorraine as he confesses his sins and desperately tries to keep control as we discover the secrets of his past and how his whole life is now devoted to one of his parishioners.


"Brilliantly silly, poignantly moving and outrageously funny."

"The writing is truly brilliant. I've rarely laughed as much at the theatre. I desperately need to see more ridiculous stories from Reverend Keith Lorraine's life."

"A hilarious cross examination of faith and love."

Click here for Island Lives Production shots:


Freaky Geese brought Island Lives to Guernsey in January 2021 supported by the Guernsey Arts Commission.

‘Island Lives’ is a festival of new local writing focusing on Guernsey themed stories.The two-hour production will showcase three short plays: ‘Branching Out’ written by Mike Sullivan alongside ‘With Love’ and ‘Holier Than Thou’ written by Dan Le Friec.

"The new writing and acting talent showcase was mightily impressive. Particular mention goes to Holier Than Thou - it was a tour de force! "

"Island Lives was so fresh and captivating. They definitely deserved the standing ovations they received!"

"Possibly the funniest opening line to a play I've ever experienced. To see a full house and standing ovation for new writing is a first for me and well deserved. Well done all."

Click here for Growth Production shots:


In August 2020, Freaky Geese Theatre launched with its debut production, 'Growth' by Luke Norris. It ran to sold out audiences and was greatly received.

"You've got to have balls to tackle this one! It was seriously brilliant"

"Freaky Geese has given us a glimpse of what's to come, and I have to say the future is looking very bright!"

"What a fantastic show, with beautifully drawn characterisation by the super talented cast! Well done Freaky Geese."

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